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New Products from the Las Vegas Expo. Part II: Desktop Items

Fri, Nov 13, 2015


As promised, this entry will continue to dive into our discoveries at the Las Vegas Expo. While our last post covered new products in the cell phone category, in this entry we want to share some information new unique desktop items.

Desktop items have always been hot promotional products, because of the value associated with having your brand sit on your client’s desk all day. This year at the show, we found a bunch of fun, innovative items that are sure to grab that valuable desk space. Two of our favorites were the BuzzBrush and the Sticky Note Slinky.

The BuzzBrush is a unique 2 in 1 computer-cleaning tool designed to easily clean in-between the keys of a keyboard, and wipe fingerprints off of your LCD screen or touch-screen device. The BuzzBrush has great desk appeal, which helps earn your brand that prominent desk spot, and its unique shape is sure to draw attention and evoke conversation.

The Sticky Note Slinky is a great spin off of the standard sticky note pad. By reversing the adhesive on each sheet, the pad takes a slinky-like form. The extra fun factor of these sticky notes often lands your brand in a prime desktop location.

Stay tuned for more new ideas from the 2011 new product expo, and contact us for the complete 2011 New Product PDF.

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‘Tis the Season to Build Brand with Holiday Gifts!

Sun, Oct 4, 2015


The holiday season is just around the corner – are you making your list and checking it twice?

As you prepare for holiday gift giving for your colleagues and clients, keep in mind that as you continue to build brand awareness with these audiences you can also find products that will give you a great return for your dollar.

If you are responsible for giving gifts internally, keep the demographics of your colleagues in mind. The gifts you give need to be applicable to all of your employees and that can be difficult. We offer a few ideas for you.  To start, drinkware and desktop items make great internal gifts because they touch a broad audience and are universal.  We also recommend gift cards that can be redeemed for a variety of preselected gifts.  The recipient will receive an expansive catalog and is free to shop till they drop!

You might also be responsible for purchasing holiday gifts for clients, customers or other external relations.  Whether you are trying to build brand awareness, recruit, or just say thank you to existing clients, holiday gifts can go a long way. For example, some recruiters have used holiday themed exam survival kits to help their recruits make it through final exams. Holiday gifts are also an effective way to thank clients for their patronage.

Whether you are looking for unique or simple ways to “give” this holiday season, we have a plethora of ideas to help!  The holiday’s gifts are a great way to show appreciation while also effectively building brand.

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Big Frey Headed To Vegas For New Product Expo!

Sun, Oct 4, 2015

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In January, we’ll be headed to the largest trade show in our industry, where we will have an opportunity to see all of this year’s new products firsthand and meet face to face with manufacturers. We will be scouring the show for new unique ideas for you in 2016! When we get back, we will be putting together a new product presentation FILLED with new product ideas.

Some trends to look for in 2016:

  • Social Media Incorporation– Given the social media boom, many new products will have a social media tie-in to encourage users to engage brands on Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Technology– With new smart phones and tablets flooding into the market, many new accessories will emerge to enhance the user experience.
  • Safety– Companies are looking to increase safety measures in 2016, and we expect that to be reflected in the new products.

If there is something that you are looking for, or if you want to get a copy of the presentation when we return, leave us a message in the comments!

We look forward to hearing from you in the comments.  Happy new year!

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Take Advantage of Economies of Scale and Store the Extras!

Sat, Aug 15, 2015


storageSome of our customers have recently been interested in taking advantage of higher quantities to get the savings associated with economies of scale. But sometimes they have been deterred by the fact that they are going to have to store and manage the extra inventory themselves, which adds a lot of extra costs.

Here at Big Frey we have a couple of ways to make sure that you can take advantage of the economies of scale without worrying about storing the products .

1. Fulfillment Services: We can have your extra products stored at a warehouse and shipped to you whenever you need.

2. Ship Direct to Events: We can ship your promotional products, your booth, your literature, and anything else you might need for a career fair or tradeshow direct to the event! Then when you’re done with it, you can send them all back to storage until the next show!

3. At Production Facility: The extra products can be kept at the production facility and will be shipped out when you need them.

These options include reporting on inventory levels so you always know how much you have left. These options will greatly reduce the cost and hassle associated in storing your own product. They will also cut costs because they allow you to more effectively take advantage of economies of scale!

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Cotton Prices Hit Record Highs: Apparel Prices Increase 5-10%

Thu, Jul 16, 2015


Effective November 1st, t-shirt, sport shirt, and fleece prices will rise anywhere from 5-10%, and are likely to continue rising over the coming months.

Gildan, Hanes, and Jerzees have all alerted us that their prices will be increasing due to cotton sourcing constraints, which has sent cotton prices to their highest point since the civil war. We will continue to update you on the situation, but we suggest making apparel purchases as early as possible in order to avoid future price jumps.

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How to Build Brand at a Tradeshow

Tue, Jun 16, 2015


trade1Tradeshows are a great opportunity to build brand and expand you network. There are hundreds of new contacts in the crowd, but you have to be able to catch their interest. Creative promotional products are an integral part of that process.

Top 4 Ways to Attract Traffic at a Tradeshow:

  1. Make sure that your exhibit is engaging – no matter where your booth is located your “picture” needs to attract traffic to even have a shot at potential business.
  2. YOU must be engaging and be ready to lure new and existing customers with a smile and an interesting conversation starter.
  3. KNOW your elevator pitch – your lively 30 second pitch about your company or service upon introduction.
  4. TRADESHOW GIVEAWAY – give an interesting promotional product that they will keep (not give to their friend, spouse or child) and remember the positive meeting and you.

Promotional Products Attract Them To Your Booth!

At a recent tradeshow where we exhibited, one of the conference speakers had visited our booth where we were giving away text message translator cards. He was so “wowed” by the product that he mentioned it in his speech. Following that speech, traffic to our booth was overwhelming! We were able to create many new opportunities for our business and build brand at the same time.

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Using Variety To Maximize Promotional Product Campaign Effectiveness

Tue, May 19, 2015


varietyAt career fairs or tradeshows, it is important to have a variety of promotional products to appeal to the tastes of myriad demographics. What appeals to one person, might not appeal to another.

A Variety of Promotional Products Add Value

A variety of promotional products can add considerable value to a booth or exhibit. It can also create more opportunities to meet new prospects and attract people that would not normally be attracted to the booth.  Some prospects might be attracted to a creative toy that they haven’t seen before, while others might prefer a practical everyday item, and another might prefer food.

In a focus group we recently conducted, the top 6 promotional products received at a career fair or tradeshow were:

1.      Food

2.      Gift Cards

3.      Eco-Friendly

4.      Games

5.      Apparel

6.      Exercise Accessories

Providing recipients with as much variety as possible can also provide you with a wide variety of opportunities and make a lasting impression on a prospect.

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Big Frey’s Advantage: The Customer Portal!

Sun, May 17, 2015

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bigfreyWe wanted to let you know about one of the big advantages you get access to as a Big Frey client, and that’s our state of the art custom web interface, or “Customer portal”.

The customer portal is what sets us apart from any other promotional products company in the industry.  It is a password protected site, providing you with the following:

1. Boundless Search – access to hundreds of thousands promotional products and their corresponding information
2. Real Time Order Status – access to your pending orders so you can track them in real time throughout the process
3. Easy “Re-order” capabilities
4. Buyer Reporting feature – track past buying activity, as you plan for your next event; Run reports over any time period
5. Enterprise Reporting feature – for management to see true transparency in promotional spend, across ALL buyers
6. Group Buy – “piggy back” onto existing orders, collaborate with other buyers of the same product (even if your logo is different!) and save up to 40%

There is a host of other advantages of working with Big Frey and our proprietary Customer Portal… so stay tuned…Project Library will be available soon! (You can see thumbnails of the items your colleagues have already purchased, saving you time in coming up with ideas that Marketing will need to approve, and…save you money!)

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Recruiters, Think Like A College Student!

Mon, Sep 1, 2014


Many corporate recruiters make the same mistake year after year. They buy giveaways based on what they like, which usually doesn’t match up with what the students like. To run a successful campaign, you have to think like the students.

Most college students are tech-savvy, they have a laptop, iPod, and a smartphone. They’ll appreciate a new gadget or accessory for these devices. The micro spot (pictured to the left) is a great example. This is a micro-fiber screen cleaner with an adhesive on the back. Students then use the cleaner on their gadget and stick it to the back of their phone until next time. This gives your brand prime real estate right on the back of their beloved device!

Students are also very active and into fitness. They’ll hang on to anything that can be used at the gym or on a run. The retractable earbuds (pictured to the right) make a great giveaway. When students are out for a run, they dont want the headphone cords dangling around. With these, the cord can be taut tightly to avoid the annoying dangling. It also provides a great imprint area for your brand.

Last, students continue to be concerned with the environment. A product that can be promoted as eco-friendly adds huge value to the giveaway. The seeded card (pictured left) is a great eco-friendly alternative to plastic giftcards. After the student redeems the giftcard, they can plant it in a pot and grow wildflowers. A unique idea that stands out very well.

So remember, when looking for on campus giveaways, think like a student!

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