• Nov 6, 2017

You want your logo to stand out. You want your logo to be remembered. You want your logo to POP…….. & STICK!

If you build it, they will come
No matter how great your goods or services, if no one notices your company, no one will buy. There are so many opportunities to impress your brand on your established audience. However, it is really important to make your brand stand out on all of the “first time” introductions to your brand. These “firsts” include your business card, website, brochures, and, of course, promotional products. It is these instances that you should add some extra effort and creative thinking into the cost-effective solutions that carry your brand.

Here are several ways we recommend adding POP! to branded merchandise:
1. Find product that has dynamic color
2. Use contrasting colors to highlight the logo
3. Use complimentary accent colors to highlight the logo.
4. If 4-color processing is included in the cost of the printing, then use it!
5. Use reversing out to bring the background color of the product through the white/ empty spaces in your logo.
6. If multiple location printing is included in the cost of printing, then use it! Adding more locations on a product will double, or triple the total impressions throughout the lifetime of the product.

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