Campus Recruiting/Talent Acquisition

Why Should We Work with Big Frey?


Augmenting your Brand Building Efforts in Talent Acquisition


Challenge: As a Talent Acquisition specialist, you are encouraged to work with your marketing departments "swag" vendor. The product ideas are subpar, the service is fair, and the cost is astronomical. Perhaps this scenario exists at your organization, in one form or another. 

Solution: Partner with an organization that understands the nuances of talent Acquisition, which indeed incorporates marketing, but is also sensitive to the needs of the recruiting team, candidates, and talent acquisition events.

Big Frey Promotional Products is such a partner. Having worked in the Talent Acquisition space for over 20 years, Big Frey has built a platform unlike any promotional product provider in the industry.

Big Frey goes to market in a strategic manner, positioning your talent acquisition team to focus on recruiting, and not have to worry about "what" is going to be shared with candidates, nor the logistical management. We look at the phases of your recruiting process: 

  • Career Fairs
  • Information Sessions
  • Presentations
  • Offers
  • Accepts
  • Building rapport with key academic groups and personnel (on campus)
  • Summer Internships

Big Frey uses data to drive ideation. Focus Groups, key stakeholder interviews, qualitative and quantitative studies all enhance Big Frey's ability to take the "gut" out of the ideation process. The data tells us exactly what your brand should be handing out to recruits.

Big Frey leverages superior logistical management to create unique, impactful campaigns. SAY YES, EXam Suvival Kit, Campus Ambassador Program, Career Center Centric (C3 program) - we communicate, on your behalf, with the candidates & key personnel on campus. We "touch" them directly, without any need to directly involve Talent Acquisition. 

Big Frey has been in the promotional space for over 20 years, which means our supply chain is deep a& global in nature, which drives discounts for our clients. We have worked lean since our inception, limiting our internal cost structure - all to the financial benefit of our client partners.

Big Frey has the technological savviness to source globally, offset maverick spend, and drive the use of sanctioned goods for our clients. This process assures adherence to brand guidelines, further driving savings for our clients. For Talent Acquisition, this means a recruiting strategy is followed by business units, correctly and consistently. Big Frey continues to develop technological resources, paving the way to a global platform where we can deliver the same goods to any country within 7-10 business days.

Big Frey is a leader in the brand building niche for Talent Acquisition because we provide unique visibility for our client's brand, corralled with the unique requirements of the talent acquisition team. Big Frey manages the logistics, and takes into account the travel, event, and on-campus challenges of the reruiting team.

Big Frey allows for the Talent Acquisition team to focus on talent acquisition.

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