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Using Creative Promotional Products to Recruit More Effectively

Thu, Jul 16, 2009

Promotional Products

click1With the “green” movement going on, companies are trying to cut back on their use of paper. One company we spoke with has stopped accepting résumés on paper and requires applicants to submit their résumés online. They wanted to know if there was a promotional product that could be used to help them increase the success rate of students logging on and submitting their résumé.

The answer is YES!
Download cards can be used to “ensure” that students submit their resume online and, at the same time, give students a cool giveaway. The download cards include information on how to redeem the gift whether it is a song, movie, ringtone, etc. However, before the recipient can claim their gift, they are sent to a landing page that requires them to enter information that the recruiter specifies.

There are two ways that a recruiter can use this tool to increase résumé submissions:

1. The recruiter can require the student to enter their email address and upon the download, an email with a link to the résumé submission page will be included.

2. The recruiter can put a résumé upload button right on the landing page so the student has to upload their résumé before they can download the song.

This is just another creative way that Big Frey Promotional Products helps recruiters increase their return on investment.

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    Thanks so much for the guest post Cecilia! I love all the spaces you chose. Although I had heard of Molly Frey, I wasn’t too fiailamr with Kate and Katie’s work other than what you have posted here.Have a great week!

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