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Using Creative Promotional Products as Part of a Recruitment Strategy

Sun, Jul 18, 2010

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chess3Gifts & giveaways are an excellent way to build brand and stand out during the college recruiting process. Well thought out and creative gifts can give your company a leg up against the competition and help attract the best talent available. We have developed gifting stages to help you highlight your company/brand during the recruiting process.

The strategy consists of four stages of giving:

  1. On Campus Recruiting: This is typically the “first touch” your company will have with prospective recruits. Giveaways at this stage typically have a lower price point and are used to draw attention to your brand. Example: Music Download Card
  2. The Interview Process: Once a recruit has made it to the interview process, companies will give something to continue to highlight the company brand.  This gift might be something that can be used during the interview such as padfolios or jotters that recruits can use to take notes during interviewing.
  3. “Say Yes” Gifts: Recruiting talent is extremely competitive and it is important to lock up the best talent available. Companies use the “Say Yes” program to remind recruits how valuable they will be to the organization and entice them to say “yes” to your job offer.  Companies have given picture frames so the recruit can “picture themselves” working at the organization or food items so recruits can have a “freebie” night!
  4. Welcome Gift: Once a recruit is an employee, a welcome gift is given to onboard them into the company. Typically, these gifts have a higher perceived value then the previous giveaways and can be used in the job, such as a computer case or apparel.

Proper implementation of a gift giving strategy can effectively build your brand with potential employees and lead to an overall higher recruitment success rate.

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