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The War For Talent

Sat, May 6, 2017

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crestview sunsetIf you are a Midwesterner like me, it is sometimes hard to remember the balmy days of summer. The same day I dug my car out of what seemed like an eternity of snow, a client called about summer internship preparation. Summer internship prep? HUH?

Who is the ’18 Talent?

I have heard from a lot of clients asking about various resources for the tried and true institution of the summer intern – a mass exodus of exceptional people working extremely hard for very little pay while engaging in brief moments of team building and play hoping that a full-time offer will be extended within the following year.

The ’18 pool of available internship seekers are job hungry and certainly worried about the job market upon graduation in 2019. I want to touch on the importance of “touching these individuals.” If these folks indeed are the best options for full time hiring, then you want to show them how valuable they are to your organization.

Lower Your Cost Per Hire

How can you maintain a strong marketing program in this economy? Easily. As we have said time and time again, know your audience, know your budget and employ promotional tools that will attract attention to your company. The more attention you pay to the preparation and planning process, the less it will cost your company in the end. Recruiting and training are costly, so keep turnover at a minimum!

Here are some immanent times that you can “touch” the interns and enhance your brand:

Opportunity 1

  • PRE-ARRIVAL to the internship program including campus events, career placement office events, during the midterm and final exam study period, etc.
  • WHY: Pre-arrival gifts help differentiate your brand from the competition

Opportunity 2

  • A WELCOME GIFT at the start of the internship program.
  • WHY: First day gifts can help you set the tone of the program and set expectations

Opportunity 3

  • THEMED gifts for special events such as golf outings, luncheons, sporting events, “end of the summer” party, etc.
  • WHY: Interns will certainly remember the work but also make sure they remember the play!

Opportunity 4

  • OFFER gifts immediately after you extend a full-time employment opportunity
  • WHY: Reiterate their value to the organization and your continued support.

Always keep in mind that a well run internship program, from planning to execution to follow-up, means LOWERING YOUR COST PER HIRE and real ROI for the company.

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