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Promotional Products that Build Brand at Career Fairs & on Campus

Sun, Aug 1, 2010

Promotional Products

In an earlier video post, we stressed the importance of understanding that it is not about what YOU like, it’s about what your RECIPIENT likes. We set up a focus group with college kids to gauge their reaction to creative promotional products to find out what products REALLY build brand.

And the Survey Says…….

For an hour and a half, we had college students touch, feel and react to an abundance of promotional products in every major category – from tech to eco-friendly, apparel to food, office supplies and more. Without discussing the products amongst themselves, the students were allowed to ask the focus group leaders any questions about the products to better understand the products.

The Promotional Products College Kids Want

The data was recorded and then the results were compiled. In this blog, we are reporting on the students most favorite promotional products.


Focus Group Results

The graph above shows the items the students put in their “top ten favorite promotional products” most often. As illustrated in the graph, USB Drives ranked among the most popular item tied with the seeded download cards.

Creative Products also Build Brand on Campus

In related questioning, students responded that they like receiving creative products and they believe promotional products definitely help companies build brand when they are recruiting talent on college campuses.

In future posts, we will cover specific products that peaked their interest, so stay tuned!

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