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Big Frey’s Advantage: The Customer Portal!

Tue, Aug 9, 2016

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bigfreyWe wanted to let you know about one of the big advantages you get access to as a Big Frey client, and that’s our state of the art custom web interface, or “Customer portal”.

The customer portal is what sets us apart from any other promotional products company in the industry.  It is a password protected site, providing you with the following:

1. Boundless Search – access to hundreds of thousands promotional products and their corresponding information
2. Real Time Order Status – access to your pending orders so you can track them in real time throughout the process
3. Easy “Re-order” capabilities
4. Buyer Reporting feature – track past buying activity, as you plan for your next event; Run reports over any time period
5. Enterprise Reporting feature – for management to see true transparency in promotional spend, across ALL buyers
6. Group Buy – “piggy back” onto existing orders, collaborate with other buyers of the same product (even if your logo is different!) and save up to 40%

There is a host of other advantages of working with Big Frey and our proprietary Customer Portal… so stay tuned…Project Library will be available soon! (You can see thumbnails of the items your colleagues have already purchased, saving you time in coming up with ideas that Marketing will need to approve, and…save you money!)

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A New Trend in the Market: Low Cost Promotional Products

Sun, Jul 10, 2016


changeWe recently attended an industry tradeshow to touch, feel and see some of the old promotional products and learn about a lot of the new promotional products and creative ideas.  Every summer we attend this show in Chicago, and, this year we noticed a new trend in industry – a strong emphasis on cost effective promotional products.

While we certainly found some really cool new products (which we will blog about in a later post), we also noticed that there is an emphasis on lower cost items that can yield a great return.  The reason for this is two-fold, on the one hand, in response to the need to find items that fit a tighter budget, there are amazing deals happening now.  On the other hand, there is a surplus of inventory that must be gone in order to “house” the new products.  With that being said, now is a great time for you to pick up great giveaways at an excellent price. Contact Us to take advantage of these amazing deals!

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Set Up Program Pricing and Save!

Fri, Jun 10, 2016


In a tweet earlier this week, we mentioned that some of our clients are saving money by using “program pricing”. We want to fully explain that concept in this entry.

If a client knows that they will be reordering a product multiple times in the future, we can often setup a program for that client. For this program, the client gives us an idea of frequency and quantity of future orders and from there we can setup special “program pricing” to save that client money.

Program pricing allows our clients to take advantage of volume discounts, without having to inventory the products or shell out the cash upfront.

Programs work well for items that need to be frequently replenished such as pens, highlighters, etc. Contact us to check if you could benefit from program pricing.

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Sharing Promotional Product Ideas and Savings With Group Buy

Mon, Apr 11, 2016

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promo2So many of you have heard us talk about the Group Buy concept.  It is something very new to our service offering and a powerful tool that helps clients leverage buying power within an organization.  The Group Buy offering has many advantages for both promotional product buyers and management.

What is Group Buy?  Basically, Group Buy connects buyers within an organization so they can leverage their buying power and take advantage of economies of scale. For example, a sales person for firm X is interested in purchasing a branded pen with their information imprinted on it. They can place the order through us and we will create a “group buy” that can be sent to fellow colleagues in any department within the organization.  The original buyer sets a time period for purchases to be made by colleagues – typically the time range is a week to 10 days.  Each colleague can order the set minimum quantity, put their own messaging or brand on the product, have the product shipped directly to them and receive separate invoicing. As more pens are added to the order amongst the various departments, the price drops for everyone involved in the Group Buy. At the end of the Group Buy, everyone who ordered gets the lowest price achieved. Group Buy saves everyone involved time and money!

Group buy can also be used by management to “bless” products that meet cost limitations and brand guidelines. Through Group Buy, management can pick out certain products and release them to promotional product buyers for a set period of time. Additionally, upon completion, management can create promotional product tracking reports to help management plan for future promotional product spending.

When utilized, group buy is an effective tool that saves money, controls the brand, spreads creative ideas, and manages cost reporting.

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In case you missed this……

Sat, Mar 12, 2016


baseballBig Frey Promotional Products is pleased to announce a new partnership with Boundless Network ( In addition to leveraging Big Frey’s professional branding and merchandising expertise to make your programs, events, products and services a success, this partnership means we can provide greater resources to give you an extra edge, including:

– Competitive pricing on top quality branded merchandise that supports the goals of your sales, marketing and HR programs;
– A personalized web portal that enables you to search for product ideas, receive automatic order status updates via e-mail, and even review your order history 24/7;
– Bi-monthly product suggestions that are customized to your needs and sent via e-mail;
– An exciting customer rewards program that allows you to earn premium rewards for referring new business to me.

Furthermore, we developed a short, 2-question profile to ensure that we provide you with product suggestions that are timely and targeted to your business objectives. Please fill out a two-question profile that will let us know which programs you are likely to purchase branded merchandise for this year.

We hope you will join us in celebrating the start of a long relationship with Boundless Network and our continued success in reaching your goals.

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Promote Your Business in an Eco-Friendly Way

Thu, Feb 11, 2016


Want to promote your business in an eco-friendly way? Take a cue from the real estate industry, where sustainability has become a key selling point.

Susan Singer, senior vice president of sales for The Corcoran Group and a self-proclaimed “eco-broker,” has branded herself “The Green Queen.” She promotes the sustainability of the properties she’s offering, and drives potential clients to her website with an eco-friendly self-promo product.

“Years ago, I used refrigerator magnets and a mouse pad, and they both got me a lot of mileage,” Singer says. “But I wanted to do something that was eco-friendly this time and that could be used in an eco-friendly way.”

To help spread the word about her business, she ordered plenty of imprinted tote bags made of recycled plastic material. The bags feature a stenciled image of the historic London Terrace apartment building, for which she’s a broker, as well as her contact information and branding for Corcoran Group Real Estate. She decided not to include the name of the London Terrace building so that the bag would have wider appeal – she wanted it to be “just about living in New York and having an eco-friendly bag … that way people will want to use them and it’s just free advertising,” she says.

Singer sent the totes to her neighbors, clients and potential clients – and gave one to every unit in London Terrace. She also distributes them at events when the opportunity arises. For example, she recently offered the bags after she spoke at an Earth Day seminar at Baruch College in Manhattan.

The totes direct people to Singer’s website, On this informational and self-promotional site, they’ll find information about her properties ranging from Brooklyn to Uptown Manhattan, as well as Tales of the Green Queen, a regular comic strip in which a cartoon version of Singer tours the city, helping people save on energy costs.

Singer’s totes get an enthusiastic response. “I’ve had people call me or e-mail me saying, ‘I’m so grateful for this tote. It’s so sweet and reminds me of the building,’ and people from the building have just stopped me on the street,” she says. “It’s really been very good for me.”


Courtesy of ASI

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Cutting Promotional Product Costs Using Future Commitment

Tue, Jan 12, 2016


moneyRecently, we had a conversation with a law firm recruiting coordinator. She told us that she was interested in ordering 500 seeded download cards to be used as branded giveaways to compliment marketing materials she was handing out.  When we put together pricing for her, we included the 1000 piece price so she could see the price break.  She was very intrigued with the savings associated with the higher quantity so we discussed the option of her committing to purchase another 500 at a later date. With this option, she will not be charged for the second 500 until they are delivered, but by committing, she still enjoys the economies of scale.

Commit to Savings!

Often times, if we have a written commitment from the customer, we can negotiate similar “deals” for a customer.  Such deals are extremely beneficial for our clients when they are trying to manage budgets and marketing plans.  This is another creative way Big Frey Promotional Products works with clients to help save money and manage their promotional products spending.

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Big Frey Headed To Vegas For New Product Expo!

Thu, Dec 17, 2015

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In January, we’ll be headed to the largest trade show in our industry, where we will have an opportunity to see all of this year’s new products firsthand and meet face to face with manufacturers. We will be scouring the show for new unique ideas for you in 2016! When we get back, we will be putting together a new product presentation FILLED with new product ideas.

Some trends to look for in 2016:

  • Social Media Incorporation– Given the social media boom, many new products will have a social media tie-in to encourage users to engage brands on Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Technology– With new smart phones and tablets flooding into the market, many new accessories will emerge to enhance the user experience.
  • Safety– Companies are looking to increase safety measures in 2016, and we expect that to be reflected in the new products.

If there is something that you are looking for, or if you want to get a copy of the presentation when we return, leave us a message in the comments!

We look forward to hearing from you in the comments.  Happy new year!

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New Products from the Las Vegas Expo. Part II: Desktop Items

Fri, Nov 13, 2015


As promised, this entry will continue to dive into our discoveries at the Las Vegas Expo. While our last post covered new products in the cell phone category, in this entry we want to share some information new unique desktop items.

Desktop items have always been hot promotional products, because of the value associated with having your brand sit on your client’s desk all day. This year at the show, we found a bunch of fun, innovative items that are sure to grab that valuable desk space. Two of our favorites were the BuzzBrush and the Sticky Note Slinky.

The BuzzBrush is a unique 2 in 1 computer-cleaning tool designed to easily clean in-between the keys of a keyboard, and wipe fingerprints off of your LCD screen or touch-screen device. The BuzzBrush has great desk appeal, which helps earn your brand that prominent desk spot, and its unique shape is sure to draw attention and evoke conversation.

The Sticky Note Slinky is a great spin off of the standard sticky note pad. By reversing the adhesive on each sheet, the pad takes a slinky-like form. The extra fun factor of these sticky notes often lands your brand in a prime desktop location.

Stay tuned for more new ideas from the 2011 new product expo, and contact us for the complete 2011 New Product PDF.

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