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Incent Employees With Rewards THEY Want

Thu, Aug 12, 2010

Promotional Products

This entry, we want to make our clients aware of our unique employee incentives program available to them.

Many companies utilize a bread and butter incentive program that offers specific gifts for certain achievements. This often leaves employees with a lackluster gift that doesn’t achieve the desired result of rewarding the employee.

Here at Big Frey, we have the unique ability to create a POINTS BASED rewards system that functions much like an airline’s frequent flyer store. Employees earn points for continued service and for meeting goals set by the company. Those points then accumulate in their “bank”, and they are free to spend those points whenever they want on a large selection of brand name merchandise.

This program is fully automated from awarding the points to sending the gifts. It takes the work off your shoulders and lets your employees pick the gifts THEY want.

Contact us for more information, and stay tuned for more from Big Frey Promotional Products.

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