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Building Brand With Promotional Food Items

Wed, Jul 15, 2009

Promotional Products

food2To build brand, it’s important that you’re giving your target audience promotional products that they want and enjoy. As mentioned in an earlier post, we conducted a focus group to find out what promotional products students really want! To our surprise, the students ranked food as one of their favorite giveaways, which raises an issue for recruiters that want to meet this demand. It’s important to give your recipients what they want to get the best return on investment, but you also want to give your brand repeat exposure through the giveaway. Food, in the literal sense, doesn’t provide repeat exposure because once the product is consumed, the only thing to show for it is a full belly!

But there are some creative ways to enhance your brand with food giveaways AND create multiple impressions:

1.      Business Card Mints: This is a branded business card holder that is filled with mints that can also be printed with your brand. When the recipient is done with the mints, they can then use it as a business cards holder.  This gift provides many options for repeat impressions.

2.      Jelly Belly Tins: A small tin of Jelly Beans that is branded with your logo. An inexpensive food option and the recipient can reuse the tin by simply refilling it.

3.      Gumvelopes:  A full color branded gum container, similar to Eclipse Gum, that holds a pack of gum. Another inexpensive option that provides multiple impressions.

4.      Food Gift Cards: Many companies, such as Dominos, offer gift cards that you can brand that allow the recipient to go online and claim a free meal.  Sometimes a free meal can leave an ever lasting impression!

These products can attract attention to your career fair booth and provide multiple impressions to your brand. Contact us for more creative promotional product ideas.


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