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Be Subtle With Your Brand

Mon, Aug 11, 2014

Promotional Products

toneAs we have stressed time and time again, promotional products are an excellent way to build brand because of the number of impressions they receive. But on some personal items like apparel, the user doesn’t want to feel like a walking billboard for your brand. So how can you give away personal items and still build brand? Tone-on-tone branding can be used to more subtly display your brand on personal items.

Tone-on-Tone branded items can certainly add lifetime to personal products because the product will not SCREAM a company’s brand. Sometimes, the quieter you are, the louder you are heard. Using techniques like tone-on-tone for personal products can increase the lifetime of the product and, hence, increase the ROI of your promotional spend.

Stay tuned to for more creative ideas that insure you get the best return on investment from your promotional products.

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  1. Noelia Ostroot Says:

    Howdy there,this is Noelia Ostroot,just discovered your web-site on google and i must say this blog is great.may I quote some of the writing found in the website to my local buddies?i am not sure and what you think?anyway,Thx!

  2. Kevin Says:

    Dude, love this tip. Couldn’t agree more!

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