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Know your audience for they are the true King…

Thu, Feb 12, 2009

Promotional Products

lion6It sounds so simple, know your audience.

But is it?

Can you ever really know your audience, create a communication campaign to attract that audience and elicit the exact response you want or expect?

Communication campaigns should ALWAYS consider the recipient of the message and promotional product campaigns are no exception to this simple rule.

When you are the King…

We can all recall a time or two when perusing a trade show and the dude standing behind the table hands you some promotional item and proceeds to yap about how cool it is. You, the audience, look at it closely and then:

  1. Kindly accept this “gift” and proceed to find the nearest garbage can to dump it;
  2. Say, “Thanks, my kid will love this;”
  3. Say, “No thank you,” and move on.

Responses such as these really tick me off!

Why? Because the marketer who purchased the item was probably too short sighted and focused more on what THEY thought was “cool” and less on the demographics of their audience.

When you attract the King…

We build brand to attract attention and successful branding is a never ending process. In this process the one question that we should always be asking ourselves is WHO? Who is receiving this message – no matter if the message is communicated through an advertisement or a widget? If you know your WHO, then you can effectively speak to them and get the response you are seeking, hence a successful communication campaign!

True story: I was working with a new client who needed a product for an upcoming tradeshow. This client was adamant on doing a stuffed animal because their boss had recently received one at an event and everyone attending flocked to the booth for the stuffed animal. Skeptical, I questioned my client about their choice for this audience, a group of 25-65 year old predominately women.

“It’s a no brainer!” my client said.

Come on! This audience? Maybe a 10 year old, but this group? Puhleez.

After the event I spoke to my client to find out if the stuffed animals were well received. You know what she said? “Seth,” she said, “the women either:

  1. Kindly accepted the stuffed animal but we did find a lot of them lying around the tradeshow;
  2. Said, “Thanks, my kid will love this;”
  3. Said, “No thank you,” and moved on.”

It is always important to know your audience at EVERY single point of your marketing campaign and that certainly includes promotional products. Remember, one of the greatest attributes of a promotional product is its lasting impression. So choose wisely and know your King!

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